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Up to how many knitting machines can be managed with SPR3?

Up to 1,000 knitting machines can be managed.

I want to display the results of progress management for each order at the factory.

What kind of support can I expect?

The display of data at the factory using data collected with SPR3 is supported by our service partner company, according to customer's individual needs.

Which knitting machine models support SPR3?

The following models currently support SPR3: SSG, SIG, NSSG, NSIG, SCG, NSES122CS, SSR, SVR, SRY, MACH2SIG, MACH2SIR, MACH2X, MACH2S, MACH2XS, FIRST124, FIRST154, and SWG021/041/061/091N2.

Please contact us for the latest update.

Currently I use SPR2. Can I upgrade to SPR3?

Although you can use the current network infrastructure as it is, you will need to change to a server for SPR3. In addition, SPR3 introduces online authentication, and it is necessary to adopt a new use license agreement, etc.

When changing from SPR2 to SPR3, is there anything to be careful about machine models?

SPR3 cannot be used for SES series (TX type) due to hardware performance problems. To continue using SES series, please manage with SPR2.

Currently, report (CSV file) from SPR2 are linked with other systems. Can something go wrong when switching to SPR3?

In SPR3, the volume of data for reports is significantly larger. Therefore, changes to third-party software should be made accordingly.

Will we be able to use online monitoring with SPR2?

Online monitoring function by cloud service is available only for SPR3.

Please tell me about billing for KnitPLM related system.

We have 3 categories: (1) System installation and consulting, (2) Software license, and (3) Maintenance service and upgrades. (1) is only once at the time of installation. (2) and (3) are by annual contract. (2) will be a direct contract with SHIMA SEIKI and will be automatically settled by credit card. (1) and (3) will be a contract with your flat knitting machine sales agent.

Please tell me about the implementation process of SPR3.

For SPR3, as well as general ERP and PLM system implementation, we will work with related departments within your company from implementation consulting. Then we decide the design of the system configuration to be introduced, the interlocking with the in-house system, the contents of data sharing by the SQL server, the introduction schedule, etc. We ask the customer's IT department for the network infrastructure and we install and set necessary software for the prepared server. After completing these settings, the system operation will start by registering the system startup online to the customer.

Is there a free warranty period for software?

We offer all software upgrades free of charge for one year after system installation.

Is it possible to add users for online monitoring?

The main user can add sub users from KnitPLM My Account. In addition to adding/deleting, it is also possible to restrict access.

Is it possible to monitor multiple factories online?

In order to manage multiple factories in an integrated manner with online monitoring, it is necessary to register an executive user account (charged service). Upon informing us of which factories to be managed we will arrange the service for you.

Who will arrange for the server and perform the network connection between the knitting machines and the server?

Network wiring, switch (network hub) installation, server purchase, etc. should be performed by the customer or customer's contractor.

How many languages are supported?

Four languages are supported: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Turkish.

What are the conditions of maintenance contract?

Maintenance contracts can be subscribed from the time of system installation. If you subscribe, you will receive software upgrades and various maintenance services free of charge.

What are the conditions for software upgrades?

There are two types of software upgrades: Major version upgrade includes addition of functions. Minor version upgrade includes minor fixes. After one year of the free warranty period, software upgrades are not available unless you are subscribed to the maintenance contract.

Will the existing contract change if license conditions for the software under license changes?

As long as the number of machines remains the same, the conditions currently under contract will not change throughout that term.

What happens to the charge amount if there is an increase in the number of servers due to an increase in number of knitting machines?

New server installation, software installation, data connection verification, etc. are performed by our company, the flat knitting machine sales agent, or our designated service partner. In this case, an initial installation fee according to the number of connected machines is required based on the installation contract.