"Can you communicate smoothly with suppliers?"

"How much time does it take to create samples?"

"Are you effectively managing your product data?"

"Are you receiving order progress reports quickly?"

SHIMA SEIKI combines various tools shown below to provide consulting and solutions optimized to each customer.

Source of inspiration

Web-based cloud service that provides plenty of content that supports planning and designing work. Combined with the SDS-ONE APEX series design system, you can further enhance planning capability.

Under Renovation

All-in-one 3D design system

Complete support is available from planning to production. You can create virtual samples and simulations in 3D, which also reduce sample costs and strengthen your presentation skills.

Vision Library

Search APEX data quickly

Efficient programming is realized by searching APEX data centrally managed by Vision Library and retrieving the data quickly.


PLM solution for fashion

An intuitive product life cycle management (PLM) solution for fast, efficient raw material and finished product development (including costing, tech packs and critical path), including partner collaboration, with full version controlled storage of documents.

Computerized flat knitting machine

Global standard in flat knitting

Using SDS-ONE APEX series and flat knitting machine for sampling, as soon as approval is confirmed actual production can begin for products exactly as they were originally imagined by the designer.

To computerized flat knitting machines

Production process management system

Solutions for realizing Industry 4.0

Network solution that enables visualization of the production process. Promoting IoT development at the production site, it establishes a system to facilitate communication.